Our philosophy

Our story

Fast & slow

We live in two worlds. One is fast, a world of rapid innovation, standardisation and economies of scale. The other is slow, a world where exceptional craftsmanship and unique objects require an investment of time.

Connexion d’Art brings these two worlds together.


Personalisation of connected devices

Connected devices are some of humankind’s greatest design achievements. Engineers have spent years crafting them into objects that are lightweight and strong, with beautiful lines and a functional user experience.

By working with highly skilled artisans and craftsmen who only work with the finest French luxury brands, we’ve been able to create a new category of connected device.

Our aesthetic is uncompromising, and our handsets stand out against the sea of sameness that mass technology products have created. We deepen and enrich the experience of communication, and imbue each of our unique devices with a rare sense of refinement.


Ludovic de Lageard, CEO & Founder