Frequently asked questions

All our phone models are ISO certified and carry a one year limited warranty, which commences from date of commission. Please note that taking your device to an unauthorised repair centre will invalidate the warranty. Please contact us should you experience any problems with your device.
Yes. Our phones are individually personalised, so this is possible. Please contact us with your query and we will gladly discuss options and costs with you.
Our phones go through a strict series of tests to ensure that they comply with the highest quality standards. If you notice a fault, please get in touch with us we will either replace the device or have it repaired immediately.
We have offices in Paris and Singapore, and our phones are available at selected stockists and boutiques in France, Macau, and the United Arab Emirates. We will soon also have distributors relationships in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South America.

To arrange for a viewing, or to find your nearest stockist, please contact us.
No we don’t. We believe that the iPhone is one of humankind’s greatest design achievements. Engineers have spent years crafting a smartphone that’s lightweight and strong, with beautiful lines and a functional user experience.

That’s why we don’t make covers. We prefer not to add unneccessary bulk, wrap the phone, or hide it in any way.

If you need more information, or have any specific questions that we have not addressed, please contact us.